Do you believe God wants to change your community? 

Do you believe He would use you?

Those two simple questions would forever change thousands of peoples' lives for eternity.

In the early 90s, Bob Nash was on the losing end of a ten-year battle with alcohol and on the verge of losing his home, his business, his family, and his life when God led him to a small local church in Manahawkin, NJ. He listened as Pastor Pat Sharkey shared a vision of how God wanted to save lost people and then use them to change the world. This vision took hold of his heart and through God's spirit and the love of a few people from this church, he was dramatically saved and his life was transformed. God gave him back his family, his future, and his life. The simple answers to those questions - "Does God want to change our community?" and "Does He want to use us to do it?" - would become his heart's cry and a life long calling.

Over the next few years, God did an amazing work at King of Kings, by growing that small handful of people to more than five hundred disciples of Christ. With thousands of souls saved and lives transformed, King of Kings continued to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ out into the world by planting daughter churches in Tuckerton - Lighthouse Alliance Community Church, Lacey - Prince of Peace Community Church, Toms River - SonRise Community Church, and Little Egg Harbor - Sojourn Community Church.

Through these efforts we have seen thousands of families reached and lives transformed. In 2005, Bob and his family began Building on the Rock Community Church in Jackson, NJ. What started out as four people meeting in a living room on Saturday nights has rapidly grown into a vibrant, passionate body of more than three hundred believers with a common mission of knowing Jesus and making him known.​

We are a part of a great heritage, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, whose founder, A.B. Simpson, had the same passion and drive. As a minister in a large church in New York City at the turn of the century, Simpson was faithfully sharing the Gospel and Jesus Christ to immigrants as they departed the boats onto Ellis Island. As these lost people responded to the Gospel message, he tried to assimilate them into his church. However, the church that he was a part of didn't have a worldwide vision and failed to see that God was in love with lost people and wanted them found. So, Simpson began a movement called the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The CM&A, as it has come to be known, is made up of thousands of followers of Christ with the common vision of ushering back our coming king, Jesus, through the spreading of His Gospel to every tribe, every tongue, and every nation. Simpson faithfully passed on the baton (the life of Jesus) that was handed to him through great men and women of faith dating back through centuries to the twelve faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We here at Building on the Rock are committed to faithfully carrying the baton until Jesus returns.


Building on the Rock Community Church . 89 Beckerville Rd. Manchester, NJ 08759 . 732.657.7040.

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