Education Classes

Why should you take education classes?
Because knowing and obeying God's word is fundamental to all true success.
Check out a description of the classes offered below!

Who I Am In Christ

This study is the first step to building a strong foundation in Christ. During this class you will discover who you are in Christ, learn how to study the Bible and how to apply the scriptures to your life.

Abundant Life

This book study is an extension of Who I Am in Christ. Created for the new believer or new member of the church who needs to increase their faith, read and understand the Bible and biblical principles to begin building their personal relationship with Jesus.

Basic Training Program

The goal of the Basic Training Program is to teach God's people to minister. The Life of Christ series is a six book study of the gospel of Matthew. These instructional books will bring the student on a journey through learning basic practical ministry skills, biblical doctrines, and Bible study methods. It is a holistic approach to church leadership training, presenting things in an easy-to-remember form. Each of these courses are designed to be studied in three months.
          Book 1 Introduction & Infancy
          Book 2 The Year of Preparation
          Book 3 The Year of Popularity
          Book 4 The Year of Passion
          Book 5 The Last Week
          Book 6 The Risen Life


The Ministerial Study Program (M.S.P.) is designed to develop character and competency in skills for leadership and ministry. Though the student will gain knowledge, the emphasis of this course is on growing in Christ-like character and developing practical ministry skills.


Equipping, Motivating, and Preparing Women for Effective Ministry. The purpose of the Empower Program is for the woman of God to be trained biblically and theologically, to enrich her own spiritual formation in dealing with the issues of her heart, and to process with other women through small mentoring groups.

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